Our Pre-School Room meets the needs of children from around 3 years old until they are school age. The ‘Rising 5’s’ continue to learn through creative free play. Each session considers the children’s current interests and their individual input provides the basis to the wide variety of stimulating activities and experiences. The Pre-School Room is on the first floor of the Nursery and they have the several different rooms that the children make use of. The Main Room has a full kitchen and the children are eager to participate in the preparation, serving and cleaning up of meal and snack times. Lots of open shelves and drawers house the variety of toys and equipment on offer for the children to use and explore. The Arts and Crafts Room is an area where the children have plenty of resources to be creative with. Access to a variety of mark making equipment, glue, scissors, junk modelling, sand, water and other messy play means that the children’s imagination can run wild.

Our Quiet Room provides an area for smaller group play. The chance to explore Chattersacks, play games on the Computer and focus on play without the distractions of other exciting things happening around them. We also have a Roof Garden which promotes free flow whilst upstairs. The AstroTurf area is a beautiful space, with flowers, windows to the other rooms, tables and the opportunity for them to take the inside outside.

Our positive and supportive staff fuel and encourage each individual child to have their own ideas, their own say in their play and learning and inspire the children to reach their full potential in a fun and meaningful way.

The Pre-School environment provides endless possibilities for children to progress and embed the key skills to set them up for their future. We also put great emphasis on developing children’s social skills, manners, turn taking, self-help skills and confidence building. Our aim is to ensure that when children leave us to start Primary School, they are confident and independent children, equipped with good self- help skills, the ability to listen and a desire to continue their learning.