Our Baby and Toddler Room caters for children between the ages of 3 months and 2 years old. Our cosy environment adapts to promote the needs of the children. Soft, gently stimulating areas and dedicated, caring and loving staff provide the best care for the little babies. We work very closely with our families and adapt to meet each baby’s individual routine. Our comfortable sleep room means that the babies can rest as and when they need to without being disturbed. Plenty of open ended resources encourage the babies to explore and provide endless opportunities for fun and learning experiences.

As the children’s skills and interests develop so does our environment. We have lots of soft toys, activity mats, music, books, interactive resources and sensory equipment to promote to emerging skills of the little babies. We also have a huge array of activity tables, ride on toys, soft play, small world toys, musical instruments and construction toys to challenge to more able children. Lots of sensory, mark making and messy play is on offer for all to explore and enjoy.

Babies love to get messy, using their hands, feet, mouths and emerging physical skills to learn about items. Providing them with tools and implements to hold and explore with in these situations adds a new dimension to it for them. When each child is around 2 years old we will start looking to see if they are ready for the new and exciting challenges of The Junior Room. This decision is based on each individual child and staff will work with the parents to decide when will be best to start to make the transition.